miercuri, 25 mai 2011

Dirty old town

I met my love,
By the gas works wall.
Dreamed a dream,
By the old canal.
I kissed my girl,
By the factory wall.

Dirty old town,
Dirty old town.

Clouds are drifting,
Across the moon.
Cats are prowling,
on their beat.
Spring-s-a girl,
From the streets at night.

Dirty old town,
Dirty old town.

I heard a siren,
From the docks.
Saw a train,
Set the night on fire.
Smelled the spring,
On the smoky wind.

Dirty old town,
Dirty old town.

I'm going to make,
Me a good sharp axe;
Shining steel,
Tempered in,
the Fire.
I'll chop you down,
Like an old dead tree..."

joi, 19 mai 2011


Pe marginea unui fascicul de regret
Ca pe marginea unei mari,
Soarele, un fioros cerc negru.
Un esec si un scaun electric
Se bat pe un bolnav canar.
Pe fundal, in mare, un mic eros
Si consumarea iubirii.
Un produs Blogger.